Distance Learning Epistemologies

A reading of Elizabeth Losh’s 2014 book The War On Learning uncovers many interesting and provocative challenges on the trend toward “distance learning” popular among many institutions of higher education in recent years.  Modern universities, which Siva Vaidhyanathan has characterized as being remarkably “willing to experiment” within realms of knowledge and content delivery, have in recent years taped … Continue reading Distance Learning Epistemologies

Dissenting Voice(s)

Here’s a small snippet of the final chapter of my MA thesis “Dissenting Voice(s),”  in which I look at social media, Anonymous/Wikileaks hacktivism and the implications of intensified blending of the personal and the political: The human-tool interaction, in the case of social medias like YouTube, is one of publication, of announcement, of transmittal to some … Continue reading Dissenting Voice(s)

Ambedo (A Chapter from A Novel Written Long Ago…)

Ambedo JD Richter To be successful in Millennial America without sacrificing soul and artistry—that was the goal, the tightrope to be walked in a concrete land of parking garages and traffic lights, where everything is bought and sold, where a person’s selfhood is bartered for attention and defined to the outside world as a collection … Continue reading Ambedo (A Chapter from A Novel Written Long Ago…)