Jacob Richter.

Ithaca, NY.

Jacob Richter is a writing instructor in the English department at SUNY Cortland in upstate New York.  His interests include composition studies, digital rhetorics, civil disobedience and activism writing, digital citizenship and writing pedagogy.  He is a graduate of the English MA program at the University at Buffalo, where he recently completed his comprehensive MA thesis “Birth of the Authors: Digital Collaboration, Electrate Invention and the Dissenting Voice.”

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Outside of the classroom, he enjoys live music, hiking with his labrador and pretentiously Yelping high-brow coffee shop reviews. He is an avid writer, his primary genres being email and apology notes. To contact Jacob, email Jacob.richter10@gmail.com.


YouTube:  Jake Richter

Contact: Jacob.richter10@gmail.com

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