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My Published Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

Richter, Jacob D. “Assessing, Deliberating, Responding: An Annotated Bibliography for a Post-Truth Age.” Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments. Vol. 4, No. 2. August 2020.

Richter, Jacob D. “Inventing Networked Electracies.” Textshop Experiments, Vol. 7, 2020.

My Other Published Works:

Richter, Jacob D. “Review of Kenneth Burke’s The War of Words.” Quarterly Journal of Speech, Vol. 107, No. 2. Accepted: Forthcoming, 2021.

Richter, Jacob D. “Review: Citizenship and Advocacy in Technical Communication: Scholarly and Pedagogical Perspectives.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Vol. 34, No. 4, 2020.

Richter, Jacob D. “Review of ‘Unruly Rhetorics: Protest, Persuasion, and Publics.” Reflections: A Journal of Community-Engaged Writing and Rhetoric, Vol. 19, No. 2, 2020.

Richter, Jacob D. “Speculating Posterity: Inventions, Initiatives, and Explorations.” Textshop Experiments, Vol. 6. 2019.

Richter, Jacob D. “Decentering the Classroom: Distributed Expertise as Social Justice Praxis in First Year Composition.”Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Blog Carnival, 2019

What I do:

My scholarly interests begin at digital rhetoric and composition studies, often with an orientation toward social web activism and to new media’s ability to unlock the creative potential of 21-century composers.  I work within the disciplines of composition and rhetoric, typically incorporating civics, ethics, media study and critical theory into my research and pedagogy.

I approach Teaching as a research project, and actively create avenues in which my scholarly inquiries and my classrooms converge.  Examples of this endeavor include Sparking Change, an activist web publication I produced with my FYC students at SUNY Cortland in the Spring of 2017, as well as Stand Up!, a social web activism project, culminating in the Retold Histories of Clemson public humanities project I enacted with my FYC courses at Clemson University in the 2018-2019 academic year.

I’m also interested in rhetorical theory, classical rhetoric, Kenneth Burke, new materialism, circulation studies, Bruno Latour, media studies, postmodern theory, feminist rhetorics, psychoanalysis, artificial intelligence, ludology, rap/rhetoric, online identity, emotion theory, Power-Knowledge, food rhetorics, disability theory, cognitive neuroscience, hiking, hugging and actively appreciating friendly felines.