For the most up-to-date information, see my Curriculum Vitae.

For a thematic and chronological overview of my research, including information about my book project and about my forthcoming research, see my Research Statement

My Published Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

Richter, Jacob D. (2022). “Participatory Counternarratives: Geocomposition, Public Memory, and the Sounding of Hybrid Space/Place.” College Composition and Communication (CCC), 74 (1), 113-135. (Link).

Richter, Jacob D. (2023). “Network-Emergent Rhetorical Invention.” Computers & Composition, Vol. 67 (1). (Link).

Richter, Jacob D. (Forthcoming 2024). “Nurturing Distributed Expertise with Social Media in First Year Composition Pedagogy.” Composition Forum. Accepted, forthcoming- Spring 2024 issue.

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Richter, Jacob D. (2021). “Cameraphone Composition: Documentary Filmmaking as Civic-Rhetorical Action in First Year Composition.” Xchanges: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Technical Communication, Rhetoric, and Writing Across the Curriculum, 16 (1). (Link)

Richter, Jacob D. (2020). “Assessing, Deliberating, Responding: An Annotated Bibliography for a Post-Truth Age.” Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments. Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 23-36. (Link)

Richter, Jacob D. (2020). “Inventing Networked Electracies.” Textshop Experiments, Vol. 7. (Link)

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Chapters in Edited Collections: 

Richter, Jacob D. & Taylor, Hannah. (Forthcoming 2022). “Embracing Hybrid Infrastructures.” In S. Appleford, Hankins, G., and Lang, A. (Eds.), The Digital Futures of Graduate Study in the Humanities. University of Minnesota Press. Anticipated Fall 2022.

Eatman, Megan, Richardson, Sarah, Richter, Jacob D., and Taylor, Hannah. (Forthcoming). “Reconsidering Expertise: Possibilities for Distributed Expertise and Horizontal Mentoring in Writing Pedagogy Education.” In shepherd, Singletary, Macklin, Morse, and Estrem (Eds.), (Un)Commonplaces in Graduate Teaching Assistantship Training and Experiences. Forthcoming.

Published Conference Proceedings

Liddle, Daniel, Kim, YoonJi, Kalodner-Martin, Elena, Braegger, Victoria, Durazzi, Allison, and Richter, Jacob D. “Channeling Experience: Reflections on Developing a Technical Communication YouTube Channel.” SIGDOC Conference Proceedings, Special Interest Group on the Design of Communication, 2022.

Frith, Jordan and Richter, Jacob D. (2020). “Reconstructing Voice, One Locative Voice at a Time.” Association of Internet Researchers (AOIR), Selected Papers in Internet Research. DOI:

Published Book Reviews

Richter, Jacob D. “Review of Kenneth Burke’s The War of Words.” Quarterly Journal of Speech, Vol. 107, No. 2. (Link)

Richter, Jacob D. “Review: Citizenship and Advocacy in Technical Communication: Scholarly and Pedagogical Perspectives.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Vol. 34, No. 4, 2020. (Link)

Richter, Jacob D. “Review of ‘Unruly Rhetorics: Protest, Persuasion, and Publics.” Reflections: A Journal of Community-Engaged Writing and Rhetoric, Vol. 19, No. 2, 2020.

Richter, Jacob D. “Speculating Posterity: Inventions, Initiatives, and Explorations.” Textshop Experiments, Vol. 6. 2019.

Scholarly Blog Posts

Richter, Jacob D. “Decentering the Classroom: Distributed Expertise as Social Justice Praxis in First Year Composition.”Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Blog Carnival, 2019

What I do:

My research is located at the intersection of rhetoric and composition pedagogies, rhetorical theory, and digital rhetoric studies. My dissertation, titled Inventing Network Composition: Mobilizing Rhetorical Invention and Social Media for Digital Pedagogy, examines how student writers invent in digital networks on social media platforms that are used for education. In particular, I examine how student writers engaging in a network learning initiative as part of their First Year Composition course nurture digital literacy, distributed expertise, rhetorical invention, and the formation of learning ecologies. My dissertation features a qualitative research study conducted in Fall of 2021 that answers a core research question of How do student composers invent in networked social media environments? Beyond my dissertation research, my publishing record examines composition pedagogy (see my article in Prompt on research, digital media, and First Year Composition), in social media and rhetorical theory (see my article in Computers & Composition on Reddit social media writers and discourse communities), multimodal composition and counternarrative (see my articles in College Composition and Communication and Xchanges), and in New Materialist rhetorical theory (see forthcoming scholarship and future work). On the whole, my work is both broad and specific: I work within larger disciplinary conversations surrounding multimodal and digital composition, composition pedagogy, and New Materialist rhetorical theory, but also in developing and rapidly evolving research related to social media platforms and education, networked online communities and rhetoric/writing, and digital writing’s impact on social and political events.  

I approach Teaching as a research project, and actively create avenues in which my scholarly inquiries and my classrooms converge.  Examples of this endeavor include Sparking Change, an activist web publication I produced with my FYC students at SUNY Cortland in the Spring of 2017, as well as Stand Up!, a social web activism project, culminating in the Retold Histories of Clemson public humanities project I enacted with my FYC courses at Clemson University in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Additionally, I have presented at nearly all of my field’s most prestigious conferences, including the Conference on College Composition and Communication, Computers & Writing, the Association of Rhetoric and Writing Studies, and a number of others (see below). I have also presented at conferences that focus on Technical and Professional Communication (TPC), on internet/digital media studies, and on pedagogy

Selected Conference Presentations:

National & International Conferences

“The Social Media Underlife: Transferring Everyday Digital Literacies into Foundations for Academic Writing.” Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). April 2021. Spokane, Washington.

“Building Participatory Counternarratives: Pedagogical Interventions in Digital Placemaking.” Association of Internet Researchers (AOIR). October 2020. Dublin, Ireland. (Conference Meeting held virtually- COVID-19 pandemic).

“Throwing (Inventive) Shade: Moderation, Hospitality, and the Networked Inventive Space.” Rhetoric Society of America (RSA). May 2020. Portland, OR. (Conference Meeting Cancelled- COVID-19 pandemic).

“Embracing Differences Digitally: Cosmopolitan Pedagogies, Network Writing Technologies, and Conversations Across Difference.” Computers & Writing. May 2020. Greenville, NC. (Conference Meeting Cancelled- COVID-19 pandemic).

“Ethics Statements in Networked-Pedagogical Spaces: Strategies Toward Identity, Affect, and Collaborative Composition.” Computers & Writing. May 2020. Greenville, NC. (Conference Meeting Cancelled- COVID-19 pandemic).

“Toward A Networked Cosmopolitanism: Embracing Difference Digitally in the Technical Communication Classroom.” Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW). March 2020. Milwaukee, WI. (Conference Meeting Cancelled- COVID-19 pandemic).

“Digital, Accessible, & Equitable: Cultivating Accessible Collaborative Composition.” Conference on  College Composition and Communication, Digital Praxis Poster. March 2020. Milwaukee, WI. (Conference Meeting Cancelled- COVID-19 pandemic).

“Embracing Differences Digitally: Leveraging Network Writing Technologies to Cultivate Cosmopolitan Learning Ecologies.” Conference on College Composition and Communication: Research Network Forum. March 2020. Milwaukee, WI. (Conference Meeting Cancelled- COVID-19 pandemic).

“Designing Inventive Occasions: Social Media as Choric-Inventive Network Initiative.” Computers & Writing: Graduate Research Network. June 2019. East Lansing, MI.

Creative Heuristics: A Cascading Invention-Based Model for Learning in Digital Composition Environments.” Computers & Writing. June 2019. East Lansing, MI.

Visual Storytelling On the Go: Innovative Mobile Workflows for your Digitally Enabled Composition  Course.” Computers & Writing. June 2019. East Lansing, MI.

“Digital Doxa: Cultivating Information Citizens in the Composition Classroom.” Annual Convention of the Conference on College Composition and Communication: Research Forum. March 2019. Pittsburgh, PA.

“The Activist UnEssay: Assessing, Deliberating, Responding.” Association of Rhetoric and Writing Studies. October 2018. Austin, TX.

Putting It In Writing: Teaching Circles and Institutional Return on Investment.” Northeast Modern Language Association conference. April 2018. Pittsburgh, PA.

Cognitive Seeds: The Role of Creative Thinking in First-Year Writing.” SUNY Council on Writing conference. September 2017. Syracuse, NY.

“A Toast to Latour: Water, Literary Assemblages, and the Decision-Makers in Flint, Michigan.” Northeast Modern Language Association Conference. March 2017. Baltimore, MD.

Regional & Local Conferences

“Participatory Counternarratives: Geocomposition, Public Memory, and Hybrid Place Constructions” Carolina Rhetorics Conference. February 2020. Columbia, S.C.

“#HashtagHorror: Black Mirror, Call-Out Culture, and the Social Media Classroom.” Popular Culture & Pedagogy Conference. November 2019. Twitter.

“Writing Truths: Surviving Digital Doxa with Undergraduate Composers.” New Voices. January 2019. Atlanta, GA.

“When the Facts You Find Are Not Your Own: Writing Truths with FYC Classrooms.” Margins. March 2019. Clemson. SC.

“Writing with Mirrors: Reflecting on Goals and Choices in First Year Composition.” Writing Matters V conference. March 2018. Cortland, NY.

The Connected Classroom: Blogs, Writing and Student Collaboration Toward Aims of Response and  Resistance.” Writing Matters IV conference. March 2017.  Cortland, NY.

“Justifying Existence: Positioning Autism in a World of Capitalist Expectation.” SEGue: A Symposium for English Graduate Students. College at Brockport, SUNY.  April 2016. Brockport, NY.

Crystalize Launch.” Transformations: A Student Research and Creativity Conference. April 2015. Cortland, NY.

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