*Podcast Alert*- Introducing 21st Century Sophist

I'm making a podcast! 21st Century Sophist is a rhetoric and writing podcast produced and featuring Jacob Richter, RCID PhD student at Clemson University. In our inaugural episode, we explore how teaching circles in university writing programs can empower collaborative leadership capabilities and improve writing instruction and student learning. Future episodes will feature interviews, discussions, … Continue reading *Podcast Alert*- Introducing 21st Century Sophist

NeMLA 2018: “Putting it in Writing”

I had the opportunity over the weekend to present on an outstanding panel at the Northeast Modern Language Association's 2018 meeting in Pittsburgh, PA titled Building a Better University: Creating A Culture of Collaboration. My presentation, "Putting it in Writing: Teaching Circles and Institutional Return on Investment," tackles how scheduled, officially-sanctioned meetings between writing program stakeholders … Continue reading NeMLA 2018: “Putting it in Writing”