Distance-Learning Writing Instruction

I won’t be doing this often, but I want to invite any readers of this blog to head over to my other blog that focuses on writing alone to read a piece on distance-learning writing instruction that I think can be interesting to anyone with an interest in writing or the teaching of it.

Writing instruction that takes place on the web, whether on a Blackboard page, a YouTube video, a Twitter hashtag or another place that borrows the practices, values and habits of new media, faces increased scrutiny in the higher education environment today.

Head over to my blog 21stCenturySophist to take a look at Distance Learning Epistemologies.

It is my argument that online learning pedagogies in many of their incarnations do not pay close enough attention to deliberately re-training social web rhetorical practices students use outside of the classroom to properly fit the learning outcomes the courses seek to disseminate.

Hope you enjoy, and have a great rest of the week~

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