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Hooks & Sinkers: Writing Effective Introductions and Conclusions in Academic WAC Writing    /    (Adobe Spark presentation page here)

Technical Writing Syllabus- Summer 2019

Into 2019: Teaching with Mirrors (A Pedagogy Reflection)


Stand Up!- Theorizing the Activist UnEssay, Pt. I

Stand Up!- Theorizing the Activist UnEssay, Pt. II

Discourse in Democracy: Composition, Digital Citizenship and the Crafting of Authentic Rhetorical Situations

Into the Gray: Resurrecting Plato in the (Long) Histories of Rhetoric

Sparking Change Public Humanities Project

Hacking the Curriculum: FYC, Critical Information Literacies and Social Web Environments

Probing Democracy: Gorgias, Public Rhetoric and the Electrate Polus

On UnGrading the Composition Classroom

The Faces of Janus: Rothenberg, Divergent Thinking and the Productivity of Gray Areas

Developing Habits, Developing Minds: What Can Neuroplasticity Do For Composition?

Teacher Roles In Student Protests: When Passivity Becomes Rhetorical Action


Best of Rhetoric and Composition 2018

Wired Utopia: Expanding Technocapitalist Disability Rhetorics

Should Students Choose Their Own Writing Topics?: A Mindful Approach

When Worlds Speak: Apocalypse, Composition, Critique

Can We Hold Class Outside, Professor? Nature, Cognition and Composition

Putting it in Writing: Teaching Circles and Institutional Return on Investment

Republicans and Higher Education

Apocalyptic Turn/Sparking Change

Writing Matters V (2018)- “Writing With Mirrors”

Writing and Mindfulness

SUNY Council on Writing Presentation- Cognitive Seeds: Creative Thinking in FYC

On the Value of “Soft Reading”

Sparking Change Public Humanities Project

Writing With Mirrors: Reflecting On Goals and Choices in FYC

2017 NeMLA Conference presentation-Baltimore, MD

Go Left, Young Writers!


Aristotle, Political Platforms and the “Good”

Writing, Composition and Deliberate Living

Fulcrum Words

Writing The Academy

A Blast From the Past– An Old Literacy Narrative 

MOOC Anxieties

NaNoWriMo 2016- Looking Back


On Web Writing and Digital Media Platforms